Everyone who leads a business or organization knows the power of relationships. You have probably entered into a relationship, anticipating it will take you to the next level of success, only to be disappointed. Relationships are crucial to making or breaking your business or organization. It would be powerful to have insight into where a relationship will lead before making the initial investment. 

That insight is exactly what James Massa’ provides in his book, “The Six-Strand Weave: Transformational Relationships for Businesses and Non-Profits.” You will discover practical tools to help you evaluate a potential partner to insure the relationship is beneficial to everyone involved. These tools will allow you to predict the probably of success. Not only will you avoid potentially damaging relationship but you will discover new relationship that will transform your business or non-profit. 

Using the Relationship Wheel™ and the Insight Circles™, James shows how to evaluate other businesses and organizations according to these areas of relationships: 

Executive Sponsorship
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Culture and Chemistry
Geographic Proximity

These tools allow you to avoid potentially damaging relationships while simultaneously embracing healthy relationships. 

James Massa’ has enjoyed a successful career in the high tech industry and had extensive leadership involvement with a variety of charitable organizations. He has a wide-ranging career in business management and non-profit operation. His experience spans the private as well as public sector. James formed Loom Enterprises in 2006 where he has brought his broad business experience as a service to others. He often consults or speaks at conferences. James teaches and equips companies, governments, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations on how to form relationships that transform and create exponential growth and achievement of vision.
The Six-Strand Weave 
Transformational Relationships for 
Businesses and Non-Profits​

James Massa'

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